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Welcome to the Indiana State Housing Dashboard, a centralized platform to enable Indiana residents, local planners, elected officials, businesses and housing and real estate professionals to access data and information about housing challenges and opportunities across the state as well as resources to begin planning for housing in their communities.

This dashboard includes:

• A self-service data portal using a range of data sources. For more information on data sources, please view our sources page.

• Tools and resources to plan for housing

• Actionable insights and strategies for local housing issues

• Indicators to measure and track progress towards community housing priorities

This Dashboard was sponsored by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA), developed by HR&A Advisors, Inc. and guided by a Housing Working Group comprised of a broad range of housing stakeholders from across the state.

If you are looking for affordable housing in Indiana, please visit Indiana Housing Now, the State's free online resource for renters and property managers.

For questions about this dashboard, please contact the IHCDA Data Team at [email protected].

How to Use This Dashboard

There are two primary sections of the platform. On the Dashboard page, users can quickly access key data snapshots for specific geographies and compare those geographies to other places in Indiana. From there, selecting the link to Generate a Full Report will automatically generate a more detailed and comprehensive housing and demographic analysis and report for each place.

  • From the Take Action page, the user can learn about how to create a housing plan as well as access resources to guide data-informed local priority setting and housing policy and program selection. From here, the user can access the following resources:

  • Learn About Housing Plans: New to the housing planning process? Explore this section to learn more about the typical stages of developing a local housing plan

  • Set Data-Informed Priorities: Explore a set of potential housing priorities that your community might work towards—such as preventing displacement or increasing the supply of affordable homes—and view key metrics related to each priority for your geography of choice. Save, view, and export this data for your selected geography and priorities.

  • Explore Policies & Programs: Explore this section to learn more about selecting and evaluating housing policies and programs, and access our library of land use, subsidy, and tenants’ rights tools.

  • Finally, by selecting Additional Resources, the user can access external housing planning-related resources and explore additional data and information about planning for housing.